Friday, 29 January 2016

Books, sounds, pictures

Last time here I mentioned a trio of books that are the most improbable choice for a man of a certain age, simply because they are the genre that is now known as 'chick lit'.

This has nothing to do with poultry farming or illuminations, It is simply a shorthand slang for novels-by-and-for-women.

Now I don't actually review books here as most have already been done to death elsewhere on the internet. These three woke me up to the truth of the adage about never judging a book by its cover and they were bought as presents for my lady love. Aw! C'mon! Italy, Brighton, Ice Cream, Small Business ... we've been there, done that and soaked up enough sunshine and coffee to qualify for the tee shirt too.

Here's the point for any guys who are reading this. I wish I had read books like this way back when my teenage hormone levels were thrusting at 100 octane levels. Better than any sex manual or pop psychology text books they reveal what girls REALLY think about and armed with that knowledge we could have an absolutely never known to fail advantage!

Although I have no musical ability, I have always enjoyed records since the days when my collection was made up equally of 78rpm shellac and 45 rpm extended play 7" discs.

We treated ourselves to a Christmas present from Ministry of Sound and their appropriately named triple CD set 'When Cool Was King'. This is an amazing collection of crooners, jazz bands and hits spanning the last fifty years. Recording quality is great and the memories invoked by some tracks are even more impressive.

59 tracks for under ten pounds. Great value!


One of my favourite on-line bookshops is found at where postage is always free, prices are competitive and the service is superb.

pic by Bev Sykes on Flickr
I especially like the little touch of their inclusion of a book mark with each order. They are currently featuring a series designed by customers.

The one at the top of this page was designed by Lakatos Istvdn of Hungary and the stack o books to the left is the work of Regina Vega from Philippines.

Next time ... a journal of the month for February, a personal confession and a bit of New York in pictures. At least that's the plan at the moment.

To keep you amused until then, I am happy to add a further three popular blogs to that list for you to explore over on the right. A lady named Nifty is behind and another lady creates tales of her obsessive compulsive journaling at  Paperblanks publish journals to die for along with a couple of entertaining blogs each week.  Find their posts at

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