Thursday, 21 January 2016

Mea Culpa

In my former blogs I slipped into the very bad habit of reproducing photographs from the internet instead of creating my own. Probably not a heinous crime but enough to give me pangs of guilt, especially when I was unable to identify their sources and give credit.

At this traditional time of renewal and resolve I have been clearing some stuff from my laptop computer to make room for the 2016 crop of self-made photos.

These are four that I had thought of using last year and which are all 'from elsewhere' with thanks to their originators.

This is from another blog and is probably a shot of Paris by night. Mmmm, makes me feel thirsty already.

This came, I think, from an instagram shot of someone's journal
... a left mouse click might make it bigger

This is from the home page of free photo editing site

And when did I ever need an excuse for a picture of Italy to remind me of vacations past and [hopefully] future.

Until next time.

Thanks for looking.