Friday, 22 January 2016

Three Wise Man

Over at 'More to Explore' you will find stuff from three amazing individuals.

Michael Wade lives in USA and creates an entertaining brief blog with daily postings. He finds some unusual and practical material to share and is a wise businessman too.

Nicholas Bate lives in the UK and is another daily blogger who can share more business knowledge in 200 words than many books can do in 200 pages. Always good material condensed to the essence.

Patrick Ng lives in Hong Kong and was once a prolific blogger but, like many other one-time must-read writers has defected to the twilight worlds of instagram and twitter. Explore his fascinating take on retail, journaling, travel and photography at his Scription brand.

To Caffe Nero at our local Waterstones. They have a unisex toilet. It also appears that they have at least one customer who is more literate than the staff. Well, it IS a book shop! [I added the highlight here at home]

On exit I noticed a cute young lady of around seven summers, totally engrossed in a book as she sat cross legged in a corner. Once upon a time I would have taken a photo but since Britain's hysteria about pictures of kids in public places, there was no way I would take my camera out of my pocket. So, in a feeble attempt to share that 'Ah Bless' moment, I offer you this similar photo from Getty Images with thanks to them.

During the recent holiday period we watched this DVD set in Italy, India and Indonesia and we are now reading the book on which the film is based.

There is a three minute sequence in the movie which suggests that the antidote to stress is to master the Italian art of Il Dolce far Niente. [The sweetness of Doing Nothing]  There is plenty about it on the internet and all are well worth exploring.

I never keep my old journals. The following extract from The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop by Abby Clements suggests a great reason to change this habit.

Someone once claimed that you can tell that an area is 'on the up' when there is plenty of building restoration work happening. We have two buildings in our street that have been stripped back to their 1890's shell and another further down, on the corner by the seafront, where refurb. is almost complete. Up, up and away for this designated conservation area?

All photos in this post were taken during the first week of January 2016. They may enlarge with a left mouse click or two.

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