Thursday, 21 January 2016


This is the fifth edition of my personal blog.
All previous versions, dating back some four years, have been removed forever.

To offer you a safe place to land.
To entertain you for a few minutes between more important things.
To keep my creative mind alive.
To hopefully suggest some new ideas.
To point out blogs from elsewhere that follow these objectives too.

Weekly updates, usually at weekends.
Non technical photography stuff.
Books I currently enjoy.
Magazines and articles.
Journals, notebooks and stationery.
CDs that we played during the week.
Thoughts on coaching, small business, consultancy.
Never any adverts, videos, soundtracks or other techie stuff.
Life here by Margate's golden sands ...

Now where's my 2016 diary/journal ?

Making a photo, notes and coffee at 0530 on Jan 02 2016
Look for the next posting soon and meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.