Friday, 12 February 2016

Still Lovin' and Learnin'

JUST IN TIME FOR ST.VALENTINE'S DAY those nice people over at Dreamboats & Petticoats have released their latest collection of 50 hits, by the original artistes, on a double CD set at around £9.99.
I am not to sure that 'Age of Innocence' was especially accurate in my case but I did have most of these titles on either 78's, 33 1/3rd. 45 rpm or cassette tape. A few were almost worn through from black to grey on the bar jukebox when we had our hotel.
Nostalgia is great for listening and recall, but living in the now is even greater. You can check out the playlist and sample the tracks at Amazon's website.
This is the 17th Dreamboats & Petticoats release in our collection simply because it is our type of music and the recordings are good quality ... unlike some cheaper and lesser compilation CDs.

TALKING OF RECALL, the cover and inner sleeve notes on this CD were photographed at Morelli's in Broadstairs ... the next town along the coast from Margate where this blog is born. We lived there during the 1980s and spent many happy hours in the authentic and original '50s ice cream parlor décor.

LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY ... During an eight year involvement with vintage air displays [spare time] it felt like a good idea to delve deeper into my fascination with flying in small, old or, small and old aeroplanes.
Back then I would devour copies of Pilot magazine and particularly enjoyed the regular back page feature 'I Learned About Flying From That', where pilots who had done something stupid and survived told their tale.
I am still learning, sometimes from unexpected sources!
My fascination with journals and the benefits of journaling knows no boundaries. I was surprised to stumble across these two pages in my copy of Humans of New York ... a book of street photography by Brandon Stanton.
It hit home to me how  comparatively stilted and essay-book-presentation  my own pages have become.
The contrast with the free flowing randomness and creativity of this teenager's journal is amazing ... from this I have learned to hang loose Dude!

Raffaele's book - Still a source of inspiration for me

Still on photography I learned another lesson from Raffaele Celetano, reinforced by Brandon ... it is that my own photos usually lack a human element whilst theirs always feature a person or three.
I discovered Raffaele's work during a 2015 visit to his Sorrento exhibition. Bought his book when we came home. Still learning! I conclude this post with a couple of Sorrento shots of my own which DID include people!

Canon A430 4mp camera - September 2015

I am planning a new fun-time project while we wait for the weather to warm up enough for longer beach walks. This may include creating a website and that, if it happens, will be courtesy of a free hosting facility, of which there are many. For the next couple of days I shall let my fingers do the surfing due diligence before setting forth on such uncharted waters. I will let you know what transpires from time to time.
Meanwhile, yesterday Nicholas Bate  [see link to his blog alongside] revealed why he doesn't get involved with various social networking sites and, a day or two earlier, Michael Wade at gave his reasons for not accepting comments on his own blog.
I respect their wisdom as guides and mentors and I aspire to follow their own examples. So if you are really busting to share something with me you can find my email address somewhere on this page.
I leave you with this shot of my favourite fine weather spot for Il Dolce far Niente --- where no device needing batteries is ever known to intrude!
Thanks for being here. Colin