Thursday, 31 March 2016

Anchor Swallowing

I have just realised that it is 60 years exactly since I joined my first ship as a Deck Apprentice.
That means that is 50 years since I 'swallowed the anchor', a slang term for replacing the oceans and ships as mistresses and seeking gainful employment ashore with a wife, a house and a pair of offspring.
Nothing unusual in that, but if you look at the shape and size of an anchor you will see that they are kinda awkward to swallow. But hey, I have no regrets ... well maybe one or two.
Now I am happy to watch the ships at anchor at the end of the road as they swing with each tide before resuming their 'lawful occasions' elsewhere.
All the pictures in this post are from elsewhere on the web with my usual thanks to their originators.
I lust after this journal but cannot, for the life of me, remember where I found the picture so if you know ...?
And finally, when the north easterly is too strong or chilly for cliff top walking and ship watching ... well there's always this fantastic album with la-la music and ocean sounds from Dan Gibson.
Until next time ... thanks for stopping by.