Monday, 21 March 2016


'The flywheel keeps the works going round on the idle strokes'
I may well have answered a homework question like this back in my school days, complete with an appropriate illustration.
There have been too many recent idle strokes around this blog owing to an annoyingly persistent cold. Time enough to rediscover an old favourite book which could be an object lesson to some of todays' folk who obsess over having exactly the right pen, ink, notebook and perfect ambience for writing in their journal.

Eleven monthly, hand made, issues of The Flywheel were produced in the horrible conditions of a Nazi POW  camp Stalag IVB during 1944.
Some original pages are at The Imperial War Museum in London and my book of facsimile pages was published in 1987. Long out of print, used copies are still available on line.
No point in reproducing the on-line reviews here but do take a look at this inspiring and amusing book and marvel at the enthusiasm and talents of those determined to create their own magazine.
I should add that these standards of writing, spelling grammar and illustration were not at all unusual back in the day. These examples are pretty typical of what my classmates and I were still expected to create daily [and did produce!] during the 1940s and early '50s.