Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Golden Hour Harborside

Copyright Photo by Patrick Ng via Flickr
An unscheduled post to show off a fantastic photo and a short tale that only a parent could write.
Such a beautiful day I spent with my kid on the harbour front cycling. I want more time with him going to places.
Too bad he has a mild fever now but that makes us closer as father and son while his mom is away on business.
This kid had been crying and her mom took her away from the others for a little girls talk in this golden hour I happened to witness.
Patrick Ng   28.02.2016
Patrick lives in Hong Kong and we have been in occasional contact for the last 7 or 8 years. I still admire his prolific picture making and vast talent in many fields so I can forgive him calling me 'The Old Man of Margate' and even largely abandoning his ever entertaining Scription blog in favour of Tweeting and Instagramming ... such a shame!
Love his differential focus here and the inclusion of his own Travelers Notebook and kitbag in the foreground and, at least some of the time, he still uses real cameras instead of phone devices ... so there is still hope!