Friday, 4 March 2016

March Miscellany


The street light opposite switched off at 0620 today. Last week it stayed alight until 20 minutes later. A sure sign that Spring is here ... almost!


This page is typical of the type of book that got me into journaling many moons ago at sea. More recently, like 8 years ago, I bought into the wonderful world of the Travelers Notebook system. At around £20 a pop I have hit big-time sales resistance to their latest offering, a 10th anniversary limited edition [below]

The notebook comes in a tin but beware ... it is 5cm tall ...that's around 2"

Or, smaller than a book of stamps and, when opened out, roughly the size of a standard coffee shop portion of sugar!

 I found a book that delighted me last week, it is probably only to be recommended for gentlemen of a certain age as mere youngsters will just 'not get it'.  Two brief extracts follow below ...

On the topic of brief extracts this next from our local paper ...
He still calls them 'snaps' ... how quaint!  But 3000 !  Not exactly selective then !  So I shall leave you until next time with just ONE photograph,
 the model is Sophia ...