Friday, 11 March 2016

Mood Indigo

As usual, a left click or two may make it larger, but read on anyway?
Mood Indigo ... Moody Blues ... What a shame that such a wonderful colour when applied to the sea, the sky and my lady's eyes, has been hijacked to describe melancholic feelings.
I guess that, for 99% of the time, I am a happy and upbeat positive outlooking kind of guy. Certainly never the 'life and soul of the party extrovert' but not a sad sack either.
Even so, there have been a dozen or so times in my adult life when the outlook has been less than wonderful and it is then that I have briefly wallowed in self pity and actually enjoyed sharing the bitter sweet lyrics of some brilliant writers.
For reading [print on paper please ! Always !] I prefer the poems of Rod McKuen. He was once America's biggest selling poet and I am pleased that he got onto the springboard to success by self publishing  his first book. Weepy movies are not my thing at all but recordings ... yep, they do it for me when I need alone moments of reflective introspection.
I have tried works by Leonard Cohen but, maybe because they featured so significantly in my teens and twenties, Mr.Sinatra's interpretations of songs from the Great American Songbook and elsewhere can lead me out of places where I don't want to linger too long. Surely healthier, safer and cheaper than popping pills. 
I once had most of these 33 featured albums on long playing 12" discs. Now, thanks to some bargain re-issues on CD, the entire sets, totalling some 340 tracks can be had for around £40.
That must be an absolute bargain compared with their original prices.
My man flu is getting better ... the local seasonal shops are opening up again or prepping for Easter ...the daffodils are breaking through ... so I leave you with a trio of 'happy snaps' via the web.

coffee time Italian style