Friday, 18 March 2016


... Just one last drive man, please! ...
Photography by Dominic Bugatto  - an Englishman living in Canada
Featured in on line magazine 'Inspired Eye'
No, I have not turned my back on photography but I am not sufficiently keen to shiver in the teeth of a damp North Easterly wind at 3 degrees in pursuit of a long term interest.
Since the end of 2015, when most monthly photo magazines averaged a fiver or more per copy ... and where copy meant just that, more of the same old, same old ... I stopped buying them. Just like that.
This picture reminded me of my beloved 1972 MGB [in white!] that was last seen floating around Broadstairs and gently rusting away with dignity after failing to raise the energy to pass an other MOT. I sold it for £50 during the 1980's, 'as seen for spares'.
I miss it. I miss real magazines too. Inspired Eye offers 200 pages per month for around £1 a copy. Good value, even if it does have to be read on screen.   That I guess, is the price of progress?