Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Journals - Law of Attraction - Photos not taken = Once a Seaman

JOURNALS ... From the vast range of notebook and journal styles, I have finally settled on my favourite for 2016. It must be A5, lined paper, soft cover, affordable and durable.
In the past I have been critical of the reducing quality of Moleskine brand but, I must now admit, their Volant model is certainly durable - as it should be at around £6 a pop. Then I discovered that discount store Wilco have the Italian made Fabriano brand. This has 40 stapled pages compared with 96 in the sewn Moleskine equivalent and at a much healthier £2.50.
LAW OF ATTRACTION ... Fascinating to check this out on line. In essence it says that 'we attract into our lives that which we focus on and not always from an expected source'.  Last week I pictured this journal and bemoaned the fact that I couldn't find a copy anywhere. Enjoying Sunday sunshine we noticed that the Margate RNLI shop was open for the first time since last season [seemingly] I found an anchor keyring for £1.50, removed the metalware and bunged it on the cover of a Fabriano journal and my quest was over. 
PHOTOS NOT TAKEN ... In nostalgic sea mood I regret that I kept so few photographs of my time at sea, especially interior shots of the ships' bridges where I spent eight hours a day as officer of the watch. [Still have a habit of pacing up and down as an aid to creative thought, just as I used to on watch ...8 or 9 paces from side to side] With the blast of the past released by anchor iconography I dug out a couple from the internet reminiscent of my time as Third Mate on the T2 Shell tanker Trochurus. She was a happy ship and it broke my heart when we laid her up in Loch Swilly at the end of her 13 year career.

ONCE A SEAMAN ... you always have salt water in your veins and a weather eye on the tide and sky. This is wonderfully captured in Capt. Frank Fellows' book which is a collection of true anecdotes and a deck officer's wisdom as A Ship's  Log. A gifted author who wrote this book in 1988.
Thanks for sharing this trip down the sea lane of my nostalgia moods.