Friday, 15 April 2016

Magazines + Photography

Magazines have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and certainly since childhood. It saddens me that more and more titles are changing from print [at ever increasing prices] to digital download, [with ever increasing hoops of registration to jump thru] although I do understand the economic reasons.
I have been a reader, contributor, photographer, designer and editor at different stages of my life and have reached a stage where, if the price of a print copy increases another penny I shall be an ex-buyer. Although I DETEST reading magazines and books on screen it seems to be the only option beyond seeking out old copies in junk shops. By the way, I don't hoard with each copy being passed on when I have finished with it.
I hear that Playboy is seeking a buyer ... it used to be the hallmark of quality in men's magazines ... so sad that it is a mere shadow of its former high standards. I am surprised it has lasted this long as the decline has been apparent for the last decade. Shameless imitator Penthouse has just quit print products but is apparently available as 'an e-sub'.
My interest in models and photography is sustained by our daughter's photo modelling career. She is featured in digital titles like Purpleport and Photoshoot. I go crazy finding and downloading 'her' issues ... and with Photoshoot at £13 a pop in print, there seems no true option. This is a screen shot from one of her recent features,
Look out for the International lifestyle monthly Monocle, a hefty 400 page brick of an up-market title with excellent journalistic and design ethos and a very fair £5 an issue. A great read if you are into design, architecture, fine dining, posh hotels and first call travel ... even tho; I can no longer afford such hobbies. 
Meanwhile, it is time for a Caffe Nero coffee break! We understand that this branch in Waterstones has another four years left on its concession contract. Assuming that Waterstones can survive beyond that date I sincerely hope they don't replace Caffe Nero with their own insipid looking and tasting 'W Cafe' brand which is already replacing in-store Costa concessions ... see reviews on line! It surely cannot be worse than the Harris & Hoole 'coffee shop' in  Tesco.
Speaking of Tesco Extra, our local store still sells a handful of CDs and of course we get Clubcard points instead of Amazon post and packing charges for orders under £20 ... and most Tesco offers are price matched. If they don't stock a chosen title it can usually be found in HMV on the nearby Westwood Cross strip mall.
We really enjoy compilation albums of 50s and 60s pop and rock. This new release has 44 tracks by the original recording artistes on a double CD pack for £9.99.
Guess the creative guys at the record company ran out of ideas for titles as they have repeated one from a couple of years ago. This older version  [left] has 40 tracks on two CDs for around a fiver with several different tracks.  As you might expect we don't use MP3 downloads or smart devices.  It's a generation thing like reading on screen instead of from the printed page!