Friday, 8 April 2016

Why do they do this?

My last post had a distinctive sea breeze about it. Sailors are notorious for having the odd strop during their usually happy voyage through life. So here's another nautical topic and a massive 'Why the expletive, expletive, king sized expletive, do some traders do this ...?
My heading photo is from a company in California. Their word picture description of the featured CD is an amazing bit of writing ... just like the better sleeve notes that featured on some 12" LP Albums. I decided to reward their originality by placing an order.
I went through the whole on-line procedure to be told, 'we do not ship outside the USA'. Why not? I know there are companies in the US that will receive and forward such parcels, but at around $30 a pop this is not a viable option for a single purchase. It is over a week since my email asking if they have a European distributor but they haven't bothered to answer. Why spend megabucks on creating a great website and excluding the world of potential customers outside the US?
I couldn't find this CD on any other site except who had two used copies but again ... we cannot ship outside the USA on this item. Any suggestions on getting a copy please?
Don Wood at the Promote Thanet Blog ... link on the right ... alerted me to a massively expensive pencil roll. I checked the site where the price is shown in sterling as '£54.13 plus shipping' and guess what ... not available for shipping to the UK. Why?
And why the hell come up with such a cockamamie price ... why not £56 including tax and freight to any address in the world. Frankly, I wouldn't deal with such an outfit if they were giving the damned things away.
Business note: Make it easy for customers and clients to buy from you [And that includes shops that cannot be bothered to spray a bit of WD40 on squeaking doors or adjust the hinges on those that are difficult open]
It ain't rocket sciene and it ain't nautical sense.
I was still in 'sea-breezes' mood when we spotted this reed room fragrancer in TK Maxx. Not quite as good as wandering along to the local beach and taking a few deep breaths but it prmised something similar in portable form for a penny under £5. Full marks to the package copywriter who gave full vent to their imagination. Shame about the random scattering of Upper Case letters ... maybe Australian schools are even worse than ours ... and, shame too that the contents have a vaguely chemical pong with overtones of disinfectant.That's the trouble with these reed diffusers, you can't tell the smell until you open the pack and have no idea how well it will work or how long it might last. I vaguely recall that ozone is good in the upper atmosphere but toxic to humans in close concentration.
 My search for a genuinely believable 'sea' scent continues!


Read on ... full marks to the author of the next who deserves a better retailer than this!