Friday, 13 May 2016


                                                 2006 London South Bank and, although I am not a drinker I became involved in the launch of a new commercial for Peroni beer. It was a helluva party and the magnificent open air screening was an affectionate and nostalgic tribute to Frederico Fellini's masterpiece, 'La Dolce Vita'.
One highlight for me was the beautiful and talented Maria Antonia who sang Baby It's You.

1962 Houston Texas and a slightly inebriated gent puts this track on the jukebox, over and over again. This time it was performed by The Shirelles and, I guess, was their break-thru release which opened the door for many other girl groups.
2016 Margate Kent and I find that the Peroni commercial and Maria Antonia's performance are still there on YouTube and that the Shirelles 1961 CD is less than £1.75 on Ebay. As we will not be going to Italy this year I dig out my DVD of the original movie and disappear into a wave of monochrome nostalgia.
 The three minute Peroni La Dilce Vita is on YouTube