Friday, 20 May 2016

Monochrome Gratitude

Last time out, writing about La Dolce Vita, I figured there was no need to mention that it was in monochrome [black and white] as were most movies, all televisions and my own introduction to photography.
I am pleased about that because, without colour to distract it was easier to concentrate on composition and exposure. With nothing like Photoshop or digital manipulation, I enjoyed playing around in my darkroom with dodging and burning techniques to enhance images.
Colour film became more affordable around the late 195O's and yet monochrome still lives on.

I have all but abandoned photography now, finding it easier to admire the work of others. Here are a couple of my  'hotel room shots' ... originally in colour and computer modified to yield the mono versions.
And I STILL prefer the impact of the black and white versions.