Friday, 27 May 2016

Movies no more

31 May 2016Since posting this edition three days ago I have figured out how to share the three commercials from You Tube and mentioned below ... but not yet how to embed   them here. They follow in separate posts for your viewing and listening enjoyment, [I hope !]
I once sent off to a handful of film studios and directors  for information about non-acting career opportunities.
There were no replies. This was hardly surprising given that it was 1948, UK studios were in dire financial straits and I was only ten years old.
What IS surprising is that my last visit to a cinema was in 2006 and yet my interest in movies and movie making has continued undiminished since those childhood days.                                       I shall spare you a rant about the conduct of the cinema audience on what was to be my last ever visit, the sky high admission costs and the total lack of professionalism of the staff. As for the films themselves, well frankly I would not even cross the road for a free screening of the current genre of movies created from a tedious menu of sex, violence, bad language, special effects, explosions, doom and disaster.That impression is gained from trailers and interviews with promo clips seen on TV.The greatly skilled and talented people from the Golden Age of Hollywood, when stars and directors truly earned the honour, must be revolving in their graves.
Take a 73 year old director, Martin Scorsesse; add Sophia Loren [81] and a music track recorded by Mina [76] and composer Ennio Morricone [87]. Finance from the resources of Dolce & Gabanna and you will have the most amazing display of movie magic demonstrating the art of telling a story in three minutes or less. Younger stars like Scarlett Johansson and Monica Belluci also make guest appearances in some of them.
You can find all these mini masterpieces on YouTube when you enter Dolce Commercials in the search panel.
Begin with Sophia in Dolce Rosa, watch Scarlett in Street of Dreams, enoy Mina's magical voice in Citta Vuote. You can watch all three in ten minutes.
If you want to linger longer, check out commercials for Martini Gold and Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld, especially Once upon a Time.
Happy Viewing!