Friday, 6 May 2016

Staycation Year

Margate main sands

We collected holiday brochures just before Christmas. We chose our destination, hotel and dates, but something stopped us making a booking. Thank goodness it did as since then, several unexpected home maintenance issues became essential and costly.
View from the end of our road
To confirm stay-puttedness we've since had propaganda about the eu referendum ... apparently £9 million of it, no end to migration and refugee problems in the Med and, on-going terrorism acts from assorted 'organisations'.
We will save  circa £300 on cabs to and from Gatwick and travel insurance, quite apart from tour operator holiday costs and spending money.
So we shall stay right here in sunny Margate this year.
I still enjoy USA magazines as they so
often have better production standards than many UK titles.
Sadly, they don't travel well when their
publishers launch a British Edition. In the following case the advertised launch date back in April has long passed with
no signs of any magazine in Thanet's
stores or on-line.
This is The Robb Report, a 200+ page quarterly devoted to things where, if you have to ask the price you probably can't afford them. We're talking cars, boats, planes, apartments, vacations, male fashion and so on. [No sport and no politics - a big plus for me.]
Here is their sneak preview of the UK launch number. Meanwhile, I still enjoy seeing how the wealthy live via the pages of an earlier issue.
Yep! It's in a Hermes man bag
My wife complains about magazines 'loaded with adverts'. As I have a long standing interest in sales, marketing, advertising and business I actually enjoy the copy and superlative photography found in most high-end ads.
Vive le difference?
Viva la Dolce Vita?