Friday, 3 June 2016

A Design Classic

Fashions in furniture undergo frequent changes and yet there is one design that seems to remain a constant favourite ... and if you have ever sat in one you will know why.


DUNELM KIDDY VERSION £39 with free footstall
I have no idea who created the first tub chair or when this was, I am just happy that they did.
USA HERITAGE BRAND $4380  that's about £3,000
Children are intuitively drawn to the ones that are junior size, guess they feel safely surrounded ... like this top trio pictured on the internet.
At the other end of the age spectrum, tub chairs are a delight for anyone with lower back pain or, who needs firmly supporting arms to facilitate upward leverage when it is time to leave their comfortable hug.
We have just bought a couple as part of our '2016 staycation refurb plan'.
Here in Margate we enjoy our coffee at Bentley's High Street restaurant, where tubs are featured and at nearby Westwood they are found in Waterstones' and the in-store branch of Caffe Nero. 

Waterstones' / Café Nero Westwood
 Thanks for stopping by and I hope to bring you more in a week or so.