Monday, 27 June 2016

Coffee Love

It was the best of cups and the worst of cups

When it comes to coffee shops we love the whole experience ... the coffee of course, the ambience, the convenience, the staff and the people watching opportunities.
At the moment our most often visited, like once a week, isn't even here in Margate, it is in the nearby shopping centre at Westwood. And that is where Caffe Nero, atop Waterstones bookshop, ticks all our boxes.
I mean, all of the above AND books! What's not to like?
Across a few roads there is a Tesco Extra where possibly the worst coffee in town is served at Harris+Hoole [Or thrown at you by surly staff amongst cluttered tables in half filled cups of lukewarm brown liquid]  I was surprised to learn a few days ago that Caffe Nero had bought H+H from Tesco and even more surprised that they plan to retain the Harrassed + Hooligan brand name.
Meanwhile ... over in Paddington
On a happier note - very much happier, when I mentioned coffee and books there is an equal pleasure that is coffee and magazines.
That Nero picture above features Monocle magazine whose publishers opened their strangely named Kioskafe in Paddington last October. Celebrating the convenience of a traditional newsstand and great coffee along with their love for printed material like books, magazines and newspapers. They have most international dailies along with hundreds of other foreign papers as print-on-demand while you wait,
A perfect concept - almost! Except for paper cups?
These pictures were featured at
 http://, a blog that is always worth a look for great coffee shops around the world along with good photography. 

On the photography front I have been incredibly lazy lately which will be a relief to folk who complained that I wrote too much about it. I still use this pair of digital cameras having flogged off all my 35mm gear last year.

Happy 4th birthday
Happy 14th birthday
 At last my cold seems to be getting better!
More next time.