Wednesday, 13 July 2016


This is a tale of determination ... or is it simply instinct? Intelligence even?
I didn't see this critter arrive so I don't know how  he got here. There he was when I opened the curtains at 0600 this morning. Not a fully fledged adult yet, judging by a few flecks of infantile brown, but certainly no fluffy chick. A teenager maybe.
 He [or she] was on the landing at the top of our outside stairs. It was facing the latched wrought iron gate. Clearly didn't fancy an exit via the steps that would have taken it into a lower level paved, enclosed area. It was either too young to fly or, more likely, unable to get a launching run-up owing to the small area of the landing. It lacked vertical take-off capability.

 For the next six minutes it attempted to squeeze through the gaps in the gate, approaching each in turn and failing to get more than its head and shoulders through and then furiously back pedalling. It kept repeating this exercise. Finally it walked back to the top of the steps, turned and took a frantic run at the centre gap. With a loud squawk and a flurry of feathers it struggled through.
I was relieved that it wasn't necessary to go out and open the gate ... have you seen the beak on these creatures? An adult or three were screeching overhead so my intervention could have provoked an aerial assault. That's why it's called a 'landing' and not a 'departing' maybe?

A journalist in The Huffington Post has berated the Breitling watch company for using a bevy of feminine beauties at the launch of their new range of pilot watches.
I would not even pause a single nanosecond to check out a male pilot flashing his wrist ... think Rothman cigarette ads of the 1960's ... but this line up surely caught my eye which was surely the whole point of the thing.

On needing a new summer wristwatch and lacking the means to buy a five-figure Breitling, I headed off to Terry's Gifts in Margate High Street and found this little beaut for £6.99.