Friday, 1 July 2016

Forever Frugal

Just for a change I thought we'd start with coffee thistime.
It is some time since I had a pavement brew in Brooklyn and I am not even sure that this was the same shop ... but that pile of garbage looks kinda familiar.
Anyway, it gives me an excuse and intro to say Happy July 4 to my Transatlantic Cousins along with a shamelessly stolen picture from the internet.
Seems odd that I used to get equal driving pleasure from yank tanks as I did from frugal Fiats.
Bought a new portable radio this week. Had one of these little beauts for Christmas a few years ago and it has finally died of old age and extensive use.
Small enough to fit a shirt pocket, FM, MW, short wave, alarm, stereo and clock. We have abysmal reception here in Thanet and this brings in the stations better than many.
The CD alongside gives you an idea of the size.
If you look up this Eton M400 radio on Amazon you will see that they have some at £59. If you go to Maplin they are priced at a more reasonable £35 and, at the moment they are only £25 on their website. So I trekked across to eBay and found this amazing 'factory refurbished' example for £9.95.
It is truly as new, boxed complete with earphone, documentation and standard carrying case with leather belt loop. I now have a case for each of my cameras which fit perfectly as my radio doesn't really need one. Strangely Nevada is in Portsmouth!
I still really enjoy magazines, having been involved with several over the years. I don't like the cover price of my favourite 'luxury lifestyle' titles, usually around £6 or £7 a throw. Once again eBay comes to the rescue. I have snagged three copies of Robb Report for a total of £3.  Sure, they date from 1998 which makes the 'cutting edge lifestyle choices' look cute these days. As taste and luxury never go out of fashion it doesn't matter that they're no longer topical ... although I did eventually find a copy of the UK launch issue ... eBay again.
When I tire of them I flog 'em from whence  they came and get my money back. How neat is that! Not that I am mean, just frugal.

I cannot claim to have originated this pose but I did use it back in my professional studio days when at a loss to come up with new poses. It goes like this, "Here you are Darlin', grab this camera and look at me ... beautiful more ... lovely"
This photo is from the Tiffany of New York advertisement in the current issue of Tatler. It is  a great source of inspiration and is well written, photographed and printed. The model is Denmark's Feja  Beha Ericson who is 28. The shoot was in New York a couple of years ago by Craig McDean, also 28 and born in Manchester although he now lives in  NY. Both are in great demand for high end fashion promotions.
Good job that Freja doesn't have hay fever!
Freja in a happy outtake from the NY Tiffany-T shoot - see the short video at

And, in the interests of gender equality here's a modern guy with an old camera and vintage pose.
Oh very well then ... I shall leave you with a coffee break along with a teaser for something coming soon...
Until next time, thanks for stopping by.