Monday, 25 July 2016

Midsummer Murmers

For a very enjoyable decade or so, until moving to Margate, I was the chairman of Bromley Small Business Club. 
Then. getting involved in such things just couldn't compete with sun, sea and sand.
However, having been self employed since 1968 until retiring, I still have an interest in the business world and small business in particular.
That is why my choice of midsummer reading may seem strange to some.
Take Visionmongers for example. David duChemin published this in 2010 with the subtitle 'making a life and living in photography. A large format paperback, lavishly illustrated, it is one of the most sensible, practical and informative business books that I have read. It is especially appropriate to creative businesses rather than those based in manufacturing but they too could read and learn.
The $100 Startup by Chris Guillibeau is a treasury of short chapters about entrepreneurs who are happily running their own enterprises from near zero financing. It is full of practical tips and is another of my essential 'read-learn-and-inwardly-digest' books.