Friday, 8 July 2016

Minimalistic Advertising but, with impact.

Some say that a poster should hit you between the eyes with a simple and memorable image snd very few words. This one works at that level I guess.
But, if you have never heard of Goodwood or its annual Revival Event it will mean diddlysquat to you. And that would be a pity.
OK ... so it is about glamour, attractive ladies, wonderful cars, vintage aviation, and £7 hamburgers.
I've done Hendon, Wimbledon, Ascot, 20 or so vintage air shows ... to me, Goodwood beats 'em all. I shall never go again, my  credit card couldn't stand the strain.
I still like this ad 'tho.
Here's another minimalism spot of non-news.
These posts have usually appeared on a Friday or Monday morning each week. From now on they will be 'as and when' with no regular weekly slots.