Monday, 4 July 2016

Summer Serendipity

PART ONE - 1990
A management assignment takes me to a Plymouth boat yard where the walls of my office are decorated with plans and photographs of the yard's earlier best seller, a cute little cruiser called 'Project 31'.
 PART TWO - June 30 2016
I buy my first ever copy of Gentleman's Journal containing a lavishly photographed 8 page feature  by Adam Thorn about the British Success story that is Princess Yachts of Plymouth.
He reveals that the company has annual sales in excess of £171 million and that it is taking a restored 'Project 31' as an exhibit on its world sales tour. This is the first time I have thought about those three months in Plymouth 26 years earlier.
PART THREE - July 03 2016
We stroll down to Margate Harbour and there, moored in front of the Droit House, is what can only be a 'Project 31'.
Who knows how or why two unrelated blasts from my past surface within the space of a couple of days? It must be serendipity.