Saturday, 27 August 2016


Although it has been around for a couple of years and has an ISBN [978-0-9571637-5-1] this book proved to be hard to find. The publisher, Burton Press, doesn't seem to exist on the internet so I guess that it is a typical  made up imprint for a self published book. There's nothing wrong with that however.

It was beautifully printed by bortolazzi-stei in Verona. Hello. Reality check! It is about the ENGLISH seaside with emphasis on the SOUTH EAST and MARGATE ... so how the hell did it get printed in Italy?  The nicely bound hardback has 84 pages of thick                                                         paper. It is around 16 x 19 cm so it isn't weighty until you get to the text in a tiny font which is about as weighty and boring as it is possible to get. There are some 34 photos printed on one side of the page only and presumably to add bulk. a meager helping for a book about photography!

The two that I have included here are NOT in the book and yet they evoke the period and subject more perfectly than the ones that the editor chose to include.

The opening foreword is in a turgid style which, it could be argued is so dated that it is in keeping for a retrospective publication. The first section by J K Shepherdson [I name this child J K? Can't you just imagine it!] continues in the same pedestrian style as used by university students trying to impress  with a thesis. Why are academics so pompous? The book is about a fun experience on a light hearted holiday.

At least the closing sermon is by a guy with a Christian name, one Colin Harding, who unfortunately has a style that could even make good news sound bad. Can't imagine either of these contributors getting on our iconic scenic railway. I suggest you spend your £12 in Dreamland and explore the many more informative sites on line when you Google Sunbeam Photo images. By the way, that company's factory in Sweyn Road and studio in Northdown Road are still there but are now Estate Agents. Shame!

                                              There is the book that this one ought to be. It is planned for publication before the end of the year and is called 'Send Yourself Home As A Postcard'.