Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Added Value and Serendipitous Recall

And so we bid farewell to August and, as the evenings draw in and dawn is later each day, my mind turns to reading matter and, particularly a break from the non-fiction books which tend to be my first go-to sections in any book shop.

Yesterday we paid our monthly visit to Carole and Dave at Tiverton Books, a delightful treasury of second hand volumes in a tiny space 'Down The Steps by Smith's Court Hotel' and just five mintes walk along our seafront. They are open on Tuesdays and Sundays from 1000 to 1400.  See more at

Whilst there I stumbled across The Saint in New York, the very first Saint book which probably entered my life when I was about 12 years old and delighted me when I discovered that there were many more titles in the series.

If you thought that some modern authors are prolific it may surprise you to look around Google and see just how many books  Leslie Charteris wrote [He was creator of Simon Templar, aka The Saint] and how popular the books were in the 1930's, 40s and 50s.

This front listing shows how my 1944 edition was originally published nine years earlier and had been reprinted so many times.

I love it when a product offers added value to prolong the pleasure.

My all time photographer guru, David Duchemin invariably includes an on line bonus chapter or video for purchasers of his books.

Way back in the 1940's Leslie Charteris was ahead of the game with his 'Saint Club', a charity for fans with an annual subscription of 2/6d [twelve and a half pence]

'Salvage for the Saint' was actually ghost written in 1983 by Christopher Short from a two-part television drama. Its delightful cover picture is by David Drummond who has a showcase of other imaginative designs on his blogsite,

Loads more saintly stuff at