Sunday, 7 August 2016

Book of the Month

Photo by Terry O'Neill
You will surely recognise  Mr. Sinatra. Although he attracted a lot of negative press there was one side of him that always earned praise from his peers.
That was his sheer professionalism and determination to deliver his very best performance on stage, in the movie studio and of course in his recordings.
He was a major influence in my coming of age years and I learned what stagecraft I needed for my public speaking gigs from watching his performances on videotape.
Like many of my generation, we could also empathise with the emotions of sadness which Frank delivered in his albums of misery ballads.
But what about this next guy, who had a similar influence during my formative years?

Photo courtesy Getty Images

He is Terry O'Neill, master celebrity photographer and the author of my book choice this month.

I learned portraiture posing and lighting techniques from his published works and note that he shared the same work ethics as many of the stars that he photographed ... back in the days when stardom was earned from talent rather than a notorious outing on a tv 'reality show' or a few mediocre hit records and wardrobe malfunctions for the paparazzi.
The book in question is Frank & Friendly, a beautifully presented coffee-table book of over 100 photographs of Frank taken over several years. You can check it out, as always on your favourite book buying sites ... it was published by Evans Mitchell in 1970 so you may be looking for a second hand copy.

This final shot of Terry's wife at the time, Faye Dunnawaye, is also by Terry. I love the way that it sums up the loneliness and let-down in the day after a spectacular night before ... the Oscar on the table is a clue! Wonderful!