Wednesday, 24 August 2016


For a popular seaside resort, my beloved hometown, Margate, has a dismal track record when it comes to advance publicity for events.
It may be due to lack of promotional funding but I fear that this perceived failure has a more deeply rooted cause, like lack of professionalism. This exhibition is a prime example.
Although I have a keen interest in photography and my wife and I follow local happenings, we almost missed this one. It was this seafront banner that did the trick but, as we usually walk into town along the lower promenade we only saw it by chance when taking a different route.
The exhibition supports the local availability of the book of the same name which I may review in a later post.
Based on the history of our now defunct seaside beach photography business Sunbeam Photos, it offers a fascinating glimpse of beachlife during the period of our parents' holidays. The book is available in the Tourist Information Office at £12 while the exhibition is on.
Although it was published in 2014 I only became aware of it a couple of weeks ago. See what I mean about publicity? Then it was allegedly available at a gallery in our Old Town which is rarely open, even during their truncated and web site listed opening times. What a way to run a business!

In case you cannot read the small print on the banner, the exhibition is at The Droit House on Margate Harbour Arm from now until September 4th 2016.

Droit House and Turner Contemporary Gallery
Photo: Simon Moores Dec 2010 with thanks