Saturday, 20 August 2016

Frugal Friday [Yesterday]

Friday Morning at Westwood Cross. Madame was looking for something in the ladies department of our superb flagship Primark shop.

While waiting I drifted around their 'toy' sections which are seemingly scattered at random around the store.

That's where I found this delightful and well made A5, perfect bound, notebook.

To be truthful it was the bling print on the cover that caught my attention because my daughter is a photographic fashion model hence a Vogue interest connection then, as a freelance magazine editing and stationery enthusiast, the odds were stacked for serendipity to lead me there. 

Just like the prestigious and, some say, iconic, Moleskine brand, this little number has a pleasantly tactile matt finish - possibly pvc type material - and even a memento pouch inside the back cover, an elastic closure and a silky ribbon bookmark. I didn't count the pages but guess there's about 100 of possibly 90gsm slightly creamy fine lined pages.

WHSmith sell similar unbranded and unprinted notebooks from £7 upwards. Waterstone's have various brands and designs of A5 notebooks from around £12 to '£ you must be joking'.

I had zero intention of buying anything yesterday, let alone a pair of anything in Primark ... but at £2.50 each [Yes! Truly!] I guess these two little beauties  will way outlast anything else that comes in pairs from that particular bargain store.