Friday, 12 August 2016

Frugal Friday

 Summer weather means lighter clothing and lighter clothing means fewer pockets and I detest carrying a messenger bag/ manbag/carrier bag so the zen like simplicity of my 'every day carry' [EDC] had to be further reduced.

There are loads of EDC sites around and it amazes me how much stuff some people load themselves up with on a daily basis! But, I digress.

As I am not into permanent connectivity, social media and personal technology, my mobile phone is used for calling a taxi or for brief text messages to my beloved. The little £9.90 Nokia was perfect five years ago and it still is, on Pay & Go 02 service [STILL the only mobile network that actually works here]

So I can carry it with no probs but, it hasn't got a camera so I went shopping for an updated version. Argos sold me an Alba touchy-swipey screen device for £40 that does everything except the dishes and was totally beyond my capabilities and needs. So they took it back the next day for a full refund.

I crossed the Mall to the 02 store where I snagged this altogether more logical and simply designed Alcatel shown here on the right.

It is slimmer and lighter than the Nokia but has a bigger footprint and that all important camera. It is probably capable of far more functions than I shall ever need.Best of all, the price at 02 was an amazing £9.99! Result! I can leave my little Canon compact digital camera at home.

I leave you with this thought, found on the website, always good for a quick lurk.

 Thanks for stopping by again.