Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Name that ship


With fair weather it has been a good week for watching the arrivals and departures of ships in Margate Roads anchorage. Regular columnist, John Walters, of The Isle of Thanet Gazette offers a weekly summary which helps to identify those too far away to read from shore..

Last week he announced a really strange name arrangement for a small cruise ship which changes its name according to the time of year. This must create no end of confusion for the legal requirements and finer points of insurance and compliance with international maritime law. It is also considered unlucky and a curse to change a ship's name [which this ancient mariner believed during his decade at sea]

My four years of deck apprenticeship were spent aboard tankers named after the Latin names of shells.Appropriate for a company called Shell Tankers Ltd.

Then I served as a navigating officer on  several Esso Tankers named 'Esso Spain' [for example.] The supertankers were named after countries, the mid range vessels after counties and the smallest tankers after cities or towns. My next company named their super little coasters after Scottish Passes.

I served on a ship owned by industrialist Charles Clore that was named after his son 'Alan Evelyn' and her sister ship was named for his daughter 'Vivian Louise', continuing a tradition of Woolworth magnate W L Stephenson who named his yacht 'Velsheda' combining his kids names of Velma, Sheila and Daphne.

In the world of luxury cruising there are some imaginative names unearthed by Keith Dovkants in the September issue of Boat International. There are the rather indelicate 'Ship Faced' and 'Fartbutt'. The 'Fujimo' is an acronym of F-You Jane I'm Moving On.

'She Got The House' , 'Kids R Gone' and 'A Loan Again' grace the luxury boats where there may be too much information. I leave you with the indebted owner of 'In Deep Ship'.

Until next time, enjoy this advertisement for Azimut yachts, also taken like the header 'Sketch' picture, from www.boatinternational.com. Well a guy can dream n'est pas? Trouble is, I cannot think of a name that will look good at next month's Monaco Boat Show.

Come aboard again soon?