Friday, 5 August 2016

Woolworth, Argos, Tesco ...

In the days before transistors were invented and radios were expensive, most homes had one 'radio set', 'wireless' or 'radiogram' in the sitting room. This left Mum bereft of audio entertainment during the seemingly endless hours that she spent in the kitchen.

This was the cue for me to hop on my bike and cycle to the nearest Woolworth store for 9 yards of bell wire. With an old loudspeaker that my mate and I found in an air raid shelter we plugged one end of the wire into the back, ran the rest of it out of the kitchen window and around to  the sitting room window. There I used a couple of dead matchsticks to 'plug' the other end of the wire into Dad's precious radiogram.

Of course Mum had no choice of stations so had to listen to whatever was on the radiogram ... but she did have a volume control and an on/off knob.

But that was then and this is now.

So when the lady in my life announced that she needed a new kitchen radio to listen to her beloved AcademyFM ... a local community station with such a weak transmitter that a mosquito can buzz louder ... she added that it must be mains operated and small.

We found one in the Argos catalogue. A Sony ICF306 at £29.99. So we bought one. Despite the Argos claim that it is 'mains and battery' there is no mains lead or input socket. Seems that a DC 3v adapter is needed and of course there isn't one supplied and it seems that Argos don't sell them. In any case, why should I shell out another few quid on top of the exorbitant price anyway?

Tesco came to the rescue! Their eBay shop had this little beaut for £7.50.

SAVING: Around £22.Every little helps.