Friday, 30 September 2016

Foto Friday Giorgios

Before you rush off to the tabloid press, I wish it to be known that I do not make a habit of loitering in lavatories [of either gender] with a camera in hand.

When our favourite lunch spot closed we decamped to one of Margate's longest established venues which has been there about 20 years. Great service, great food, great value. Please check it out on TripAdvisor and then try Giorgio's for yourself.

I was struck by the symmetry, subdued lighting and gentle music in the men's ablution facility.

So much so that I just had to picture it as a happy reminder for a wee while.

The washbasin ... which I guess is its name ... was a trough filled with layered shards that apparently filtered the water away. Seemed original to me.

However, the hot air hand drier appears to have been recycled from the engine of a Boeing 707 at full trot without mufflers.