Friday, 16 September 2016

Frugal Foto Friday The Project

I mentioned this delightful notebook on August 9 after getting it at bargain price in TKMaxx.

Now I have a use for it and if you look closely you will see a clue on the front cover label.

With the onset of autumn it seems a good idea to plan a substitute for some seafront walks [but not all, obviously] This will be an indoor pursuit to keep my remaining grey cells active along with eye-mind-body co-ordination. 

Yes, I know, this is gonna sound selfish but we have done our charitable stints when we were younger and fitter and more energetic!

With an interest in photography and magazine production it was almost inevitable that both would feature in my embryonic possibilities. And thus it  came to pass that we were browsing in a local book shop run by Pilgrims' Hospice charity in a disused Bank.

This delightful bargain store had an almost mint condition book dating from 2006 and it appeared to have some wonderful examples of photos and photographer profiles from which I could look and learn. 

At £1.50 it was well worth a punt, especially as I had previously dismissed Photoshop as being too clever by half and way beyond my financial and intellectual means. 
As we strolled home in the sunshine it struck me that, although modern versions of Photoshop were complex, maybe earlier versions dating back ten years would be more understandable. Back home I hit the keyboard and found that prices were still north of £50. Then I recalled a free package called Gimp, or Image Edit Pro.
There were plenty of informational/tutorial sites for free so it seemed way to go. I would even write my progress in the patiently waiting notebook and all the pieces seemed to fit.

We were distracted on the way home when we saw that some public spirited souls had set up a free pick your own herb garden. How sweet! Let's hope the local hooligans don't wreck this as they have other initiatives to improve our [and their] environment.

I leave you with this happy photograph by Tim Schooler ... an example of the professionals' art with a camera and Photoshop to enhance eyes and teeth.   WOW!!!!
This whole page image was well worth the asking price of the book alone. Pity the model didn't get a name check but I guess she was just one of a procession of High School graduates                                                                                           that he pictured for their final yearbook.
Photo Copyright Tim Schooler