Friday, 23 September 2016

Frugal Friday Bag a Journal


Well no it isn't entirely. I DO have the notebook and I USED to have miles of 35mm negatives that  had been thru a variety of analogue cameras. 

This picture was created in a couple of clicks with a bit of free software that I found online.

If you have read some earlier blogs you'll recall that I found a purpose for the notebook featured in the header shot. 

I wanted to include some pictures and knew from past experience that glue-sticks wouldn't work 'cos they dry out on the page too soon and I really never got into that washi tape thing, I don't have a smart phone and, in any case, the cost of buying and running those little personal printers is way out of my league.

The answer was found on Amazon yet again. The delightfully named 'Labels4U' have an offer of 400 self adhesive address labels on 50 sheets [8 labels per sheet] at £3.50 including postage. No. I don't know how they do it for the price either!  For the mathematically challenged that is less than 1p per label. I already have a desktop printer charged with ink and a computer  that has Word 2010 so it is easy to select 8 prints from my camera, add to a sheet of address labels and print it off. Each label peels away neatly from the backing sheet and then sticks like the proverbial on a blanket to the chosen journal page.

With journaling in mind I picked up this A5 hardback number last time I was in 'The Works'. For £2.50 it was a fraction of the price of some famous brands available elsewhere, has around 94 perfect bound and fine ruled pages inside a cover to delight bibliophiles of any age. Don't be fooled by the flag on the back cover. It signifies that the design is British. Small print has the usual Made in China claim.

With massive sandy beaches just a few metres away, then what's  wrong with taking a vintage camera, some retro Ray Bans, a journal and a mug of coffee for an outing?

Well nothing if you ignore some heavy black clouds and a rainy day forecast.

Gladly, nothing of value was hurt for this picture. The glasses and book were placed on a coffee table at home with a 99p long life shopping bag as a backdrop.

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