Friday, 9 September 2016

Frugal Friday [Notebook]

At these prices it would seem rude not to buy a couple. I just cannot understand brand-name snobbery when it comes to notebooks, unless you want your scribblings to end up in some archives a century down the line.

But then my lady can't see the point of notebooks anyway and, as far as I know, prefers to keep everything filed in her pretty head.

As most stores seem to be stripping out their back-to-school offers and making space for Christmas goods, it is surely time for a bargain like this.

The books are a smidgen smaller than A5 and have 94 pages of feint lined paper, perfect bound inside flexible plasticised cardboard covers with space in the binding to allow  them to lie flat.

Although there is a dateline space at the head of each page and a ribbon bookmark, you will not find the Moleskine style elastic closure, embossed branding or, an ephemera pouch inside the back cover. I overcame the first with a free elastic band dropped in the street by our friendly postman [Ooops! I'm supposed to call him a mail-deliverer now!]  To help me keep the thing right way up for use I bunged a modified plastic fridge magnet from the lifeboat shop on the front with double sided sellotape.

A miniature kraft envelope that was sulking in the back of the desk drawer was similarly attached to receive odds 'n' sods of receipts and assorted paper junk.

Need page numbers and index pages? The either DIY or invest TEN TIMES THE PRICE for a Leuchtern notebook at your favourite up-market emporium.

Before leaving this topic I note the usual year-end avalanches of analogue planners and organiser 'systems' so I offer you these pages posted by The Cramped [link on the right of this page] and originally printed in the Wall Street Journal five years ago by Tom Sachs. I am not sure if he is serious or just  using satire to make a point or otherwise extract the urine? 

And so it is time to make the most of the last warmish days of summer for an hour or so at my favourite reading spot just five minutes gentle stroll along the cliff top from here.

Bingo! I just created the first entry in my Gratitude Journal.

Time on hand ... a sea view ... a couple of magazines ... sunshine .... sand ...happiness
Yesterday noon above Fulsom Rocks Margate Kent ... almost 136E on the map