Wednesday, 7 September 2016

La Vie Graphite - A Homage


They say that you should never direct people away from your own blog page. Well in this instance 'they' got it totally wrong. When you get to the big photo at the end of this post and before you swan off [or surf off] elsewhere, please take a look at the list of other people's blogs over on the right at 'more to explore'.

In particular I commend you to spend some time exploring La Vie Graphite, a blog which has been going for around ten years and is curated by a guy from Portland Maine in the USA and who prefers to be known as 'Speculator'.

He seems kinda shy about his personal details and contact info beyond the obvious evidence that he is a master of both photography and the written word. He takes photos that cause me to wonder why I bother with my own camera. He writes essays that are always profound and thoughtful and way beyond anything that my own butterfly mind can conceive, let  along create with similar verve and clarity to linger long in the mind.

'Speculator' is the ONLY blog where I sometimes print out entire posts to read at leisure with the computer off and my mind set to 'receive'.[Usually around 0500 Hrs !!!  See header photo]]

It seems a shame that tributes and homages tend to be awarded to the deceased. This guy deserves to know how much he is appreciated right now. His own list of 'Kindred Blogs' is then good for another period of surfing exploration and there are a few dozen more  when you click on the 'see full profile' button underneath his 'about me' link.

So, wherever you are and whoever you are Mr Speculator, please accept  my sincere thanks and admiration and I will be first in the queue to buy the coffee-table book of your photos and blog posts whenever you get around to publishing it. Go on! I challenge you Sir!

I will leave you with this photograph from La Vie Graphite blog of August 10 2016. [With that blog author's permission!] Similar ingredients are available to me right here and now ... a fountain pen, a journal and a seascape and yet my own interpretation of this recipe is not worthy of anything except the delete button.