Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Midweek Mixture

 As the end of September approaches I have again been culling some of the pictures that I have gleaned from various sources. I am told that it may be a bad habit to abandon stuff like this and yet I see no point in cluttering up my laptop with images nor our home with books and 'stuff'.
I simply cannot recall where I found this picture. The impression of a rainy or autumnal street scene , contrasting with the more tranquil coffee shop interior appealed to me. Wonder if this was a staged picture for a portfolio or an opportunist grab shot? Unless the cameraman sends me an email we may never know. You wouldn't want to be at a table by inward opening doors tho!

This one reminds me of my first venture into medium format photography ... the camera was cheap and awkward to use. I don't know why the art director or picture editor thought it was a good idea to include Polaroid pictures which a Lubitel could NOT produce.The notebook looks like a Moleskine and I wonder what is inside to make the front cover bulge like that?

Another vintage analogue camera which looks like a Leica rip-off and may be a Zorki. The Russian looking book titles may be a clue

Margate is famous for our spectacular sunsets and I see so many pictures like this that there seems little point in venturing out to have a go with my own camera.

Thanks to all the photographers and copyright holders for sharing these shots. Hope you enjoyed them too. Visit Margate soon.