Monday, 5 September 2016

Monday Magazine Choice Aesthetica

Now whether a magazine is good or not depends on how well it matches your interests, provides value and meets your expectations.

Because I am neither an academic nor an intellectual my choice of Aesthetica may appear odd. Some of the artsy-fartsy codswallop text leaves me cold and baffled. By now I guess I should be used to it having visited every exhibition at our magnificent Turner Contemporary Gallery on Margate seafront. They too are expert at creating similar waffle captions that sound incredibly learned in trying to explain or justify a piece on display.

Now that I've established my shallow credentials you will not be surprised that it is the cover and look of Aesthetica that originally caught my interest as they often feature a pretty woman, a retro style and a bit of a USA car. What's not to like?

I can tick the content box too as their publicity material says 'Celebrating British Art & Culture ...with an International slant ... based in York ... 311,000 subscribers ... covering photography, architecture, visual art, music, books, exhibitions theatre and film.'

The magazine is beautifully designed, clearly and accurately printed and certainly offers maximum bang for your bucks six times a year with a cover price of £4.95 which, if you do the math, is around 57p a week. Not bad for around 160 pages per issue.

If you hit their website you can find enough content to while away as many otherwise boring or uninspired hours as you wish.

Better still, and although I pass my copies on immediately, they reach around £10 a pop on Ebay.

Now if only they could write in plain  straightforward English instead of that highfalutin art-speak I'd be an even happier reader.

You won't find it in your corner shop but larger branches of WH Smith may have it hidden somewhere in their sweetshop,