Monday, 26 September 2016

Monday Magazine Choice : oh comely

Frankly, if I was launching a new magazine I wouldn't call it 'ohcomely' and with a strategy of presenting a fresh, new, approach to 'film/music/fashion/stories/mischief and ideas featuring the best of photography and illustration' ... I wouldn't also promote it as a 'woman's magazine' thus putting off the entire male population of the world.

But the three kindred spirits who founded this six-times-a-year top class publication have now reached Issue 33 when many other lesser titles have faded into oblivion.

This issue came my way because we lived in Broadstairs throughout the 1980s ... it is the next town along the coast from here ... and it is featured in a photo shoot in the September issue. Morelli's was an almost daily hanging-out place with its original [not repro] 50's decor, superb coffee and gelato made on the premises in the basement factory which I assume is still there. I even got to photograph a collection of their ice cream sundaes for display over the counter as large back lit transparencies.
Back to 'ohcomely' and at a fiver an issue it ain't cheap, but then quality never is,

If you think womens' magazines are all about babies, celebrity gossip, tv soap operas, shoes and hair then this magazine doesn't just break the mold, it throws it into the sea. It is fun and designed for readers who have more than a single brain cell.

The magazine has a healthy heft [!], is immaculately laid out, well printed, superbly illustrated, well photographed and, unusually for an independent magazine, well written without a load of pretentious claptrap and artsy-fartsy bull defecation.

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All pictures this post courtesy of 'ohcomely' magazine.