Monday, 12 September 2016


Sunshine before the rain. This pic by Anthony Carro and featured by Baum-Kuchen reminds me of previous autumn vacations  towards the end of our stay at home year.

Among other matters I did catch up with a few long overdue bits of correspondence ... those wonderful old fashioned things called letters.

Maybe you are already calling them 'social correspondence' and no Felicity, you can't do them on your iphone!

Giacomo Leopardi's Zibaldone di Pensieri in the National Museum of Naples

At another blog [The Cramped Sept 5 2016] I discovered this post concerning Zibaldone [the 14th Century answer to Tumblr] and a link to the pleasures of maintaining a commonplace notebook where the ephemera is accompanied by hand written notes. The Cramped is also where you will find more pictures of A Notebook Called Core

All you need to start your own Zibaldone or Commonplace is a blank notebook, a pen, an open mind and a roll of tape or a tube of glue. It's not like budgeting, it is more like 'What am I spending my life on?'  [Deb Chachra]

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