Monday, 31 October 2016

Another Flashback from '98

Last week I wrote about meeting and interviewing 'Mr Magazine' in London.

At the same event I had a chance to hold a digital camera for the first time. I know it was a Fuji because the lovely person doing the demo had it written across her sash.

Funny how some memories linger like this.

Chances are that it was this model which had been launched a month earlier.

With no zoom, no flash, no optical viewfinder, two apertures, four AA batteries and a massive storage unit called something like Digital Storage System Floppy Disc ... or DSSFD ... it was clunky and seemed to take at least five seconds from the time the shutter was pressed to anything actually happening.

I also picked up the first ever copy of this magazine and, frankly, didn't understand what the hell they were on about.

But then, nobody  else had much idea either and we were arrogant enough to think that the quality of this new digital upstart would never match our holdall full of camera bodies, lenses, flash guns and assorted paraphernalia.

How wrong we were!