Wednesday, 26 October 2016



I had just become editor of a nationally distributed magazine, after learning my way via part-time editorial assignments for local business publications and trade papers,

The invitation to a magazine publishers' conference and exhibition at London's Tower Thistle hotel was too good to miss. That, along with generous goody-bags and free buffets was one of the perks of the job. I guess these freebies have been curtailed in our present 'doom-gloom and austerity' age.

That event was the first time that I met Samir Husni Ph.D. This enthusiastic and energetic character, a fast talking Lebanese American, was generous with his time and sharing his knowledge and even gave me a copy of his newly published book Launch Your Own Magazine. 

It is one of the best business related books I have read and it is made vibrant through interviews describing the launch of various start-up publishing ventures.

The advent and rapid development of digital technology has overtaken much of what Professor Husani wrote 18 years ago but I still firmly share and believe his often stated opinion that, 'if it isn't print on paper it isn't a magazine'!  And these developments in no way undermine his knowledge, wisdom and sheer business acumen.

Over the last year I have read at least 100 books and have kept only six [99% were acquired secondhand and then donated to charity shops] This book is one of those six.

You can still buy it on line at Amazon and you can read more with almost daily postings at

I enjoyed my time in and around the magazine and publishing industries. I also enjoyed my time as a professional photographer and next time I'll share how that same event in '98 was another personal first!