Friday, 28 October 2016


The ONLY magazine that I buy these days is Hungry Eye ...a quarterly B5 British publication 'The Film Making and Photography Journal' published and printed in Sussex.

At there is wealth of stuff to read. That is where I discovered the following elderly posting from their contributor Chris Floyd. He has more like this to explore at

Seems he too was in flashback mode when he wrote this. Wish I had even a small fraction of his photographic and writing ability. I sure can identify with all that he says, and not only because I was in NY at the same time.

Photo and text copyright of Chris Floyd from his booklet
Things May Change This Will Stay The Same

"November 2011. A bleak time living in New York. Fumes, dust, death hanging around. It is in the air and the bones of the citizens of the city that never sleeps, hiding in, hiding out. Looking at these photographs, it is obvious that they are shot with a melancholic and listless drift that at the time was not apparent. A sense that the girl in them has entered a state of inertia, numbed dumbness caused by that cornflower skied morning in the concrete jungle where dreams are made.Is she waiting for the remnants of those events to catch up and finish her off? Or is she passively hanging on for something new to carry her out of it?

Only one way to address it. Get out and get on. Do the thing that made America what it is. Take to the road and find something new. A better picture somewhere else. Now I am seeing this again for the first tim in a long time and although some things may change, this will stay the same."