Friday, 7 October 2016

Inspired by Edward Hopper

You may need to fix yourself a coffee before embarking on this page as it has a distinct risk of rambling a bit.

This cup is a detail from a painting by Edward Hopper who was possibly the first artist that I could usually recognize from his pictures. Guess I was attracted by the almost surreal photographic style of his painting or, maybe, it was just that he reflected my own teenaged mental interpretation of The American Dream.

You will find any number of Hopper's paintings on line and I expect to return with some examples in a later posting.

What bought this on now was a waft through an old copy of Slightly Foxed where I found this essay [extract to left]  Over the ensuing hour I was introduced to the works of a trio of photographers that I had not known of before and which, again, I may share with you another time. Then I found this shot of the artist's notebook ...

Then with absolutely zero originality I had the thought that it could be fun to write a story about what might be going on in some of the pictures ... only to find that many other photographers and writers had done exactly that. Ah well, I can have the pleasure without the work!

And that is how I arrived at a personal first. I rarely buy new books and have never bought one prior to its publication. But that is exactly what I did with this anthology even although it is still six weeks away. [Lawrence Block is also an  author that is new to me!]  The cover is a detail from another Edward Hopper painting that is loaded with layers.

There is a hint of the movie playing, a locating silhouette of the audience, a brief architectural reference and of course, the usherette ready to show people to their seats.

Maybe depth of detail is  another reason why these paintings fascinate me as much as they do?

Mmmm ... maybe she isn't an usherette but a girl waitin' and wonderin' if her date will turn up?

The decision is yours! Like real life. You can choose to make it whatever you want it to be.