Wednesday, 12 October 2016

MIdweek Magazine - Food for your Hungry Eyes

I thought I knew every method of holding a camera but had never ever considered this.

This picture is almost asking for a caption but I can only think of answers laden with schoolboy smut about self-timers, exposures, and flashing. [All in a camera context of course]

Hungry Eye is an unusual quarterly magazine that tags itself as 'the film and photography journal' and has been around for about three years.

I can't be more precise because, annoyingly, the publishers don't feature any dates anywhere! Then, to confuse matters further they have a strange way of numbering each edition. For example; Issue 3,Vol 1 or, Issue 4 Vol 2 .... when most logical souls would catalogue the volume Number first and the issue number second. Or even spring, summer, autumn and winter instead?

Even so it is a great magazine in B5 size and beautifully printed with a refreshing minimum of advertising and masses of photos although I guess that some articles that are obviously 'advertorials' are not listed as such! It is £8.99 an issue of about 120 pages or on subscription at £27.96 per year.  Check out  to subscribe and remember it is cheaper than a famous weekly photo magazine and most monthlies, It is informative, entertaining and light on scientific and technical stuff ,,, it is my kinda magazine!

Found this shot on line and can't remember where. Is that a real landscape outside or a studio dummy window? ?

And what about the 'filing' on the floor? Signs of a creative mind or  a cluttered one?

Guess it's a man cave as a lady lair would surely have curtains?
This one is from Robert Herman's book of i-phone photography The Phone Book.

It reminds me of a genre of oil paintings that were popular a few years ago.

Are they on their way out for the evening or going home at the end of a work day?

Are they married but maybe not to each other?

Some say a good photo needs no caption. Others - especially picture editors on magazines will disagree.

I don't own a smartphone.
Another from an earlier book The New Yorkers. I once owned several convertibles and yes, one of them was this color and left hand drive too [imported from California!]

But who cares about the  car!

[Pity about the junk in the back]

Books by Robert Herman. Read, be inspired. Never imitate!