Friday, 14 October 2016

Slightly Foxed + Edward Hopper Revisited

Coming a couple of days if all goes to plan, a note about my discovery of a strange magazine or journal named Slightly Foxed, which is where I found mention of Edward Hopper [See last week's post dated October 7]

I subsequently spent a happy few spells on the keyboard checking out the myriad sites and Youtube postings about the man himself and the painters, photographers and movie makers that he inspired.

There is no way that I am going to link them all here. Instead I will choose just one artist and fine art photographer named Richard Tuschman. He has a fascinating one hour documentary lecture on how he creates his Hopper inspired pictures.

These begin with a storyboard of the concept followed by sourcing and researching the ingredients of architecture, fashion, lighting and all the other components of the picture. These boards of photo prompts gleaned mainly from the internet and family photo albums help to keep him on track.

Then comes the detailed planning to scale of the diorama or model of the interiors. Think of miniature stage sets, or dolls houses, or model railway layouts, or small scale museum exhibits. Richard constructs these from whatever he can lay his hands on and always with the end game in mind. This takes many hours of patient work and includes using a small wooden pose-able artists' mannequin to position where the people will be. These two photographs are from the story using the same diorama throughout.

The foundation photos are made. Real life models are hired along with costumes, hair and make-up stylists and studio space. The models are posed according to Richard's pictures of his mannequin on location. The wooden man is then replaced with the real life models thanks to the magic of Photoshop and Richard's skills, vision and creativity to create the final picture.

These pictures are screen shots from the documentary, you can see it on Youtube.