Monday, 14 November 2016

Aaron James Draplin

Portrait by Michael Poehiman
Please meet Aaron James Draplin. He perfectly epitomizes why I love stories about successful brands, their origin and the people who made them happen.

Aarons' story outline follows in a moment but first a warning. His language is ripe so if swearing offends you, please go and play someplace else.

His name may be unfamiliar to you but, as you have arrived at this blog, it is a sure bet that you will have heard of his creation, those little objects of  desire, Field Notes.

Earlier this year he published his story ... around £17 but maybe cheaper on Ebay. It discusses his fascination with design and eventual link up with Coudal studios to create 'just paper with a few staples' ... a notebook brand which sells on subscription globally with four new limited editions per year.

Go to where you will find plenty to keep your surfing fingers amused for ages. Scroll through 'Dispatches' from the home page for stories with loadsa links.

From Field Notes launch in 2009 it has gone stratospheric with around 80,000 copies of each little A6 notebook sold. Many limited editions are already collectors' items attracting premium prices on auction sites.

Aaron is also a sought after public speaker. See him in action on Youtube and don't be deceived by his 'Good Ole Country Boy' persona. He is one clever cookie, full of creativity, enthusiasm and loaded with self promotion.

Read on line, watch, enjoy, buy the book [£17 or less] if you have any trace of interest in what makes a designer tick and then create a low cost product with appeal.

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