Friday, 4 November 2016

Caught In The Web

With a little time in hand I paid my usual visit to the 'More To Explore' roll call on the right of this screen. This is my go-to source of information, inspiration, motivation, education and entertainment.

With a profound dislike of ebooks and a love of real books it was pretty obvious that I would explore the link to Reasons To Buy Paper Books via the Cramped blog. [left]

A couple of quick clicks of the mouse took me to the appropriate site, where I enjoyed reading Mr. Chilvers's 15 reasons [No name so I assume that CJ is a he!] header coming up.

Intrigued to learn more, I explored the 'books', 'blog' and 'archive' areas of the site.

By now my time in hand had slipped away, so I put them on hold for a day or three.

Back at the screen again I saw that CJ was the author of A Lesser Photographer which was published in 2014 and only as an ebook. Would you believe it?

Ignoring this apparent anomaly I loaded my printer and ran off 20 pages at '4 pages per A4 sheet' to read comfortably. The reduced print size was still preferable to staring at a screen like a zombie and anyway, I wanted to be sure that I could find his words of wisdom again.

It was a surprise to discover from the colophon that one David du Chemin was his 'Editor In Chief and Publisher'. I was already familiar with David's work as author of my three all-time favourite photography books wherein he writes of the importance of the photographer's eye and imagination over the nuts and bolts of the gear and equipment used.

Surprise surprise again. That's CJ's take on photography too!

Here is the cover of his book in the hopes that it will inspire him to print it as a real book on paper. I am sure Blurb could do it for him at around a fiver a copy.

And here are the covers of David's books which still command sky high prices on Ebay.
Thanks for staying with me to read this far. I just have two more points.

The first is that I have been inspired to start another project with a book as the end product, but don't hold your breath 'cos the planning is fun but the action is knackering.

The second is that I do have form in the shape of my 2013 book Viva La Vivi - a tribute to simplicity. It is the story of my adventures with a cute analogue 35mm camera ... the Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim.

It is still available from and, last time I looked, was priced at around £8.75 but beware their extravagant shipping charges. I DO have a draft copy on PDF and maybe one day someone will tell me  how to link to it in this blog.

Anyway, thanks to CJ, to David and to you for stopping by.